Best Bitcoin Mixers in 2024

Bitcoin is anonymous, yes, but to what extent? Most bitcoin exchanges and other buying platforms now require you to provide ID before you can buy bitcoins. (With a few exceptions).

In addition, every single bitcoin transaction is recorded on the blockchain, which is a Bitcoin ledger and is publicly available, so when you buy bitcoins and transfer them to other addresses / wallets, these transfers are completely visible and transparent.

Hence, who buys bitcoins and where bitcoins are sent is no secret. This is where the Bitcoin laundry services we're talking about come in handy.

What is a Bitcoin Mixer?

As you might have guessed from the name, a Bitcoin mixer, or Bitcoin tumbler as it is commonly called, “mixes” your bitcoins with a pool of random coins, and then sends you a clean set of coins.

This is why bitcoin mixers are also referred to as bitcoin laundry services, they help break the link between your initial purchase / acquisition and the final destination where the coins are sent.

This is how they work: you buy bitcoins from source A, send bitcoins to a bitcoin mixer, the mixer adds your bitcoins to its own reserve, and sends you a fresh set of bitcoins from its own reserve that has no reference to your previous transactions.

In addition, the fresh coins you receive are created by mixing many different pieces of other bitcoins from many different transactions, and therefore, not only a fresh set of coins cannot be associated with you, they cannot be associated with anyone or whatever. -or a transaction.

Another use of the bitcoin mixing service is that you can send bitcoins from one address to multiple addresses at once with one click.

How do we choose these bitcoin mixers?

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Bitcoin Laundry

There are over a few hundred bitcoin laundry sites in the industry, so how do we pick and mark one as better than the other, and why do we trust our list? Well, we consider the following factors when evaluating these Bitcoin mixers:

  • Anonymity level: how anonymous and how confidential the platform is.
  • Reputation: The company's already established reputation and trust.
  • Commission: The amount of commission required (if applicable) for mixtures and user control, or lack thereof in commission.
  • Дополнительные адреса: this is the number of addresses you can set to receive bitcoins, your coins will not be sent to one address, but will be split and sent separately to each specified address, which will further strengthen your anonymity.
  • Advanced Functions: Support for advanced functions such as delayed output, mixing code, etc. Delayed output is a function that does not allow you to receive bitcoins immediately, but after a certain period of time you can set, it is another function that can control the input and arrange coins.
  • Min / Max Amounts: Any mixer that requires a very high Минимальный депозит to mix your coins is probably not a good option, which is what we consider when choosing one.
  • Требование подтверждений: The lower the number of confirmations required by the platform before mixing your coins, the faster the overall process will be. Политика отсутствия логов(журналов): Keeps Bitcoin Mixer logs and, if so, for how long.

Website: Bitcoin Laundry

If you're looking for a Bitcoin mixer with low deposit limits, reasonable fees, custom allocation rates, and extensive additional address support, Bitcoin Laundry is worth a look.

It allows users to clear 0.0005 BTC, and the highest rate I've ever seen was 40+ BTC, making their BTC reserves big enough. Each set of unclean coins can be sent to 10 Дополнительные адреса for an additional 0.00008BTC / address. Full user control is provided for the percentage distribution.

In addition, the commission is only 0.1% of the total transaction amount, although it is stable, not random and not controlled by the user. Users can also set delays for their transactions: Instant transactions require only 1-2 confirmations, and pending requests can range from 5-25 confirmations.

btc anonim

Doesn't offer a logging policy beyond a 7-day retention period, or allows users to manually delete logs whenever they want with just one click.