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In addition to hiding your identity and the amount of funds sent or received, there are actually two other reasons why you should combine Bitcoin.

Protects Your Coin From Hackers - With bitcoin theft data we know in the industry, it's only fair that you take the necessary steps to protect your coins. If you're using software wallets without a cold storage feature, mixing your coins may be the best way to protect them. Top Mixers us.

Hide Your Identity - In addition to conducting anonymous transactions, shaking your Bitcoins also helps hide your identity from fraudulent or malicious hackers attempting to get your coins. With more Криптобиржи requiring their users to complete KYC and AML procedures, it is increasingly difficult to protect users' privacy. By mixing your Bitcoins you can keep these hackers at bay.

What is bitcoin exchange?

With more advanced technology solutions being developed to make Bitcoin transactions traceable, it is important that you use a bitcoin exchange to keep your identity hidden. If you are trading or donating online, it is important that you use this advanced algorithm to shuffle your coins. bitcoin exchange is ​​currently the best platform with the right algorithm to mix your coins.

The best platform to bitcoin exchange is ​​the best platform to mix your Bitcoins. In addition to providing a quick mix of parts, there are other reasons why they are the best.

There are no storage logs - when you mix your coins on this platform you can rest assured that no organization or regulator can get hold of your transaction information and that's only because no log is being stored.

They don't ask for personal information - you can just mix up your pieces without entering your email address or personal information. This reduces the chance that your transaction will be traced back to you.

Lower Commission - Unlike some of the other platforms that charge 5% or more for each transaction, bitcoinexchange charges around 2.5% for each transaction executed.

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For a long time, it was believed that cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous, but this is not the case. Transactions in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are recorded in blockchains, and therefore the address of the wallet from which or to which the currency is paid is known. You can then remove the anonymity of the buyer or seller by identifying them.

Log Files

There are now 1001 reasons why cryptocurrency users choose to remain anonymous. This is not illegal in itself, and new initiatives are regularly developed to ensure anonymity. Governments naturally want to keep financial transactions under review. This is, on the one hand, in order to keep track of tax liabilities, and on the other, because they want to have an idea of ​​money laundering and terrorist financing.